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Hydraulic Couplings Quick Release

The need for hydraulic couplings with quick release functionality is undeniable by many across numerous industries. Because they offer the easy connection of components in mechanical lines, they can save a considerable amount of time and effort. However, where these products truly show their worth i[...]

Grease Nipple Sizes

Grease nipples are one of those small, seemingly insignificant components that numerous industries rely on a great deal. Most commonly made from zinc-plated steel, stainless steel, brass, grease nipples are permanently installed into grease guns and are used to feed lubricants into bearings under hi[...]

24-hour hydraulic hose repair

Many of the industries we service work on round-the-clock jobs that might require maintenance and repair at odd hours of the night and early morning when their machinery breaks down. Realising this, the team at Hoseforce have taken it upon ourselves to assist with the growing need for 24-hour hydrau[...]

Hydraulic Adaptor Fittings

The importance of high-quality hydraulic adaptor fittings is undeniable regardless of the industry they’re used in. Not only can using premium products avoid you having to incur extra replacement costs before you need to, but it can also mean the difference between premature failures of your equip[...]

How to Crimp Hydraulic Hose Fittings

Over the years, field-fit connections of hydraulic hoses have become a relatively outdated practice and have been replaced by crimping hydraulic hose fittings. Crimping sleeves and ferrules onto hoses creates a permanently attached fitting and allows for a completely leak-free assembly. And, as a re[...]