Grease Lubrication Hose & Accessories

Grease Lubrication Hose & Grease Nipples

At Hoseforce, we’re dedicated to providing you with all your needs relating to the hydraulic hose and fittings industry. Aside from offering an extensive range of hoses, adaptors, repair servicing, and more, we also provide you with a variety of grease lubrication hoses to suit your needs, including remote centralized grease lines, grease pumps, grease nipples, and grease guns.

An Expansive Range

To keep your machinery downtime low, they need to be greased regularly, and this is why we offer a multitude of greasing products for you to use for all your lubrication needs.

Included in our product range is:

Centralized Grease Hoses

– We stock an 840 bar rated grease filled hose, an 89 bar rated nylon grease tube along with all the grease fitting ends and fittings you’ll need to connect it and get it working. Contact us to find out more.

Grease Nipples

– Available in a variety of threads and angles, we have a range of grease nipples to suit your requirements

Grease Pumps

– Our Italian made and manufactured Bravo grease pumps have the reliability to ensure your centralized grease system always get lubrication. Our electric grease pump range is available in 12 volt, 24 Volt and 240 volt with capacities of 2kg, 5kg and 8kg systems. Versions within our range have options of manual and fully automatic.

Grease Guns

– We have a range of grease guns which are from well-known brands such as MacNaught and Alemlube. We also have a range of spare parts for grease guns like replacement hoses, 4 jaw grease chucks (for better grip on grease nipples) and spare hand pieces.

Contact Us

We’re passionate about to providing you with not only the best products on the market but with unparalleled service as well. So, whether you’re on the hunt for high-quality grease nipples, pumps, guns, or accessories and fittings, consider Hoseforce to be your sole provider.

We’ve built our family-owned business from the ground up and have managed to make a great success of it over the 11 years that we’ve been in the business. This success is attributed to the excellent relationships we’ve fostered with our clients over the years.

Contact us today to find out more about our grease lubrication hoses and accessories, or to speak to one of our professional staff members.