Hydraulic Adaptors

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Hydraulic Adaptors

Regardless of the industry you’re in, whether it be mining, agriculture, or construction, there’s no denying that you need to make use of high-end hydraulic adapters that you can rely on to get the job done. After all, bad quality fittings and adapters could result in expensive mishaps in the workplace, due to fluid fittings not being connected effectively.

To avoid this, Hoseforce has a range of quality hydraulic adaptor fittings that are built to last even in the most extreme circumstances and applications.

Our Products

Our hydraulic hose adaptors and hydraulic port adaptors are comprised of zinc-coated steel to make for durable and reliable products that are sure to be a good investment for your business.

Included in our extensive range of products are:

Hydraulic JIC Adaptors

– JIC fittings have been used regularly for many years and are a very reliable connection under a variety of conditions. The JIC adaptors are available in a very large variety of configurations making it one of the most versatile connections available.

Hydraulic Metric Heavy Adaptors & Metric Light Adaptors

– “Bite-Type” are one of the most popular connection globally. Suitable for high pressures and extreme vibration this quality fluid connection is the choice for a variety of applications.

Hydraulic O-ring Face Adaptors

– Our O-ring face seal adaptors (ORFS) can be utilized across many industries. The ORFS fittings is a popular choice by OEM manufacturers like CAT and Komatsu. The ORFS fittings have been proven to eliminate leakage at high pressures

Hydraulic Tube Weld Adaptors

– Suited for those situations where a custom type fitting is required. Our hydraulic tube weld adaptors can make all jobs achievable.

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Our business is built on the relationships that we’ve forged with our customers since we opened our doors. It’s for this reason that we’re as dedicated as we are to providing impeccable service every time you deal with us. Give us a call today to experience this first-hand.